Confidence Coaching Success Story with Jamie Komadina

“I first worked with Suzanne Fetting back in 2011. I don’t have the words to accurately explain the monumental changes she helped me create in my life. I had very low confidence, zero self-awareness and I was in a series of super unhealthy relationships. She helped me dig myself out of a dark place and start building the most AMAZING life. I have never looked back since this first experience with Suzanne. It is like night and day, comparing my old self with the person I am now! She provided me with the tools and guidance needed to be the boss of my life!

A few awesome years later while going through some changes like moving cities and starting a new relationship I began to work with her again to strengthen and build on the skills she had already taught me.

My experience was just as incredible as it was years before. She taught me more invaluable skills for decision making, effective communication and taming my inner critic. It was so amazing to do some refresher work and feel confident and brave through transition. By the way, I married the guy from that new relationship and one of the reasons we work so well, in my eyes, is because now I know who I am, what I want, and I’m extremely independent and passionate about my own life!!

Most recently, Suzanne and I have been working on limiting beliefs and how they influence behaviour and the outcomes of situations. I’ve been practicing all of this specifically with one of my biggest passions which I only discovered in the last few years, long distance running. In my latest race, I had an amazing breakthrough in the mental aspect of running and it was SO INCREDIBLE!!!! The entire process was so empowering and I revisited all sorts of things that Suzanne and I discussed and practiced.

Thank you for helping me believe in myself and reach a milestone goal in one of my favourite areas of life!!!

I’m so grateful for all the techniques she has taught me to live the life I always wanted.

Sometimes I can barely wrap my head around the amazingness of this life! The skills and tools to live confidently are, in my opinion, the greatest gift anyone could give themselves.

Suzanne helps women figure out for themselves exactly what makes them feel strong, sure, proud, excited, independent, worthy, unique, and the list goes on and on and on.

I tell everyone I know about Suzanne, and I honestly believe that all people can benefit from doing this sort of self-development work. Do this for yourself. Go after what you want instead of just wishing things were different. You will not regret letting this FANTASTIC woman guide you to exactly where you want to be in life!”

– Jamie Komadina

  • ALSO check out Jamie’s other blog post on her website HERE  It’s all about overcoming her self-limiting beliefs, and how my 12 Week Coaching Program all about Overcoming Limiting Beliefs helped her reach a BIG marathon goal of hers! YAY!!!  😀

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