I work with women just like you!
My clients come to me for help because they are not happy, their life is not fulfilling, and they are not self-aware. They do not know who they really are (authentic self) and they don’t know what they REALLY want or how to go about going after what they want.

I work best with women who want to transform themselves and be another amazing Success Story!
The women that see the best results from my Confidence Coaching are the women that are ready to take responsibility for their lives, stop living in the past and are open to learning and creating massive change –for the rest of their life.

The Absolute Confidence programs were created for women who are excited and serious about feeling good about themselves. They recognize that they have fears, negative habits, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns and they desperately want to know how to fix them. Not just talk about them!

You will be expected to take consistent action. No more excuses! Now is the time for you to learn a very different way of thinking and being, while becoming a new woman…EMPOWERED AND CONFIDENT!

My Confidence Coaching works when there are five factors present:
1) You are ready to invest in yourself.
2) You are ready to make positive changes in your life.
3) There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
4) You truly want to overcome your fears and start living a more exciting life.
5) You are committed to doing the work.

Are you…
• afraid to be yourself for fear of being judged?
• scared to speak up for yourself and ask for what you want?
• a people-pleaser that can’t say ‘No’?
• fearful of rejection and always seeking validation and acceptance from other people?
• sick and tired of “following the leaders”?
• wanting to take control of the negative voices in your mind that make you feel less than you are?
• wishing you could stand taller and prouder?
• ready to take off the mask and step out of your shell?
• tired of being the door mat and ready to be the door PRIZE???

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I can help you!

I only work with women who are aware of the importance of investing in themselves and see my Confidence Coaching as an investment, not an expense.

• I do not work with women that are looking for a “quick fix.” There is NO SUCH THING! Building authentic and long-lasting confidence takes time.
•I do not work with women that are not ready and not committed to making real, positive changes.
•I do not work with women that think they “can’t afford it.” If you think you can’t afford to make massive, incredible changes in yourself for the rest of your life, then I’m not the coach for you. It’s been my experience that when people believe they don’t not have enough money coming into coaching, then they are in a place where they can’t fully commit to our coaching. They do not do the work effectively because they spend so much time worrying about their finances and are unable to focus on the assignments and to keep their minds open to doing the work.

If that sounds like you right now, that’s absolutely OK. Here’s a bunch of things you can do to help you get into a more positive, confident mind-set:

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3) Check out my Facebook page for TONS of articles, tips and resources

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6) Get my online Confidence Course

Doing all the things I have listed above will really help you get primed and excited about our work in the future.
I’m here for you whenever you are ready.

If you ready now, let’s set up an Intro Session, so you can learn more about how I will help you! ~ Let’s Get Started!