Confidence Coaching Success with Kate Christison

“Before I met Suzanne I considered myself a pretty happy person. I was in a great relationship, I

got into medical school – my goal for the past 4 years – I had great friends and an amazing

family. I still found myself with a consistent level of anxiety. I figured this would dissipate after I

finished medical school, I just needed to get through the next few years and then I could relax

and be truly happy.

It was this kind of negative thought process that was running my life. I just needed to get

through the MCAT, I just needed to get through the first day of school, I just needed to get

through moving to Vancouver, I just needed to get through waking up to a day full of stress.

But I’m a medical student, it’s kind of expected you’d be stressed all the time right?


What Suzanne helped me practice and fully realize is that by living in the HERE and NOW I can

be happy and confident TODAY! Since learning how to approach each day and each situation

with this mindset I can’t tell you how much it has affected my life and my relationships for the

better. I am seeing and experiencing the beauty of every situation in my day to day life.

What I’d like to convey is you don’t have to be in a crisis to obtain incredible benefits from

Suzanne Fetting’s amazing confidence coaching!

Everyone deserves to be happy and Suzanne is incredibly gifted at getting you there.

Thank you Suzanne!!!!!!!!”

– Kate Christison



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