Discover the secrets of walking in high heels with elegance and confidence!
With real-life model and fashion show producer Suzanne Fetting.

High heels are the one accessory that when purchased and worn correctly, make a woman feel more elegant, powerful, assertive and confident! And NOTHING is more powerful than confidence!!! Not only do they boost your confidence, they boost your height too!

  • Your legs look longer.
  • You feel sexier.
  • You’re taller.
  • Kissing a tall man is easier!

Are you going to a DANCE, or a WEDDING or on a hot DATE?
Worried that you might stumble, wobble or fall?

How long has it been since you felt comfortable and stable wearing your high heel shoes?

Want to learn to walk like a model? Back in 2009, I was sitting on a restaurant patio in downtown Vancouver, enjoying a nice bottle of wine and a delicious meal with a close guy friend of mine. Halfway through our dinner I saw my friend checking out a gorgeous woman walking down the street. She was wearing an amazing pair of high heeled stilettos. My friend, along with several men on the other side of the street, were all mesmerized.Half a minute later, another woman walked by. She was equally pretty – her outfit just as hot, her high heels just as tall. But this time, my friend cringed after half a second and took a big gulp of his wine. The boys on the other side of the street started snickering before looking away.

What made the difference? The way they walked in their heels.The first woman had walked with the confidence, grace, and charm of a model. The sounds of her heels hitting the sidewalk was like music to the ears. The second girl had dragged her heels painfully along the sidewalk without any class or social acumen, completely oblivious to the comments and snickering everyone around her was noticing.It was embarrassing to watch, really.

Are you aware of how you are being perceived in heels? As a woman, you must have noticed how magnetically drawn men are to women in heels. You may have experienced how upsetting it is to be out with your boyfriend and noticed how easily he gets distracted by the women wearing sexy high heels. But here’s a question for you:How comfortable are you in a pair of high heels? Do you feel confident? Do you know how to move yourself in such a way that men cant help but pay attention to you? Do you know how to be graceful and charming? And most importantly, do your heels feel like they are a natural extension of your body?

As young girls, we are not taught how to walk correctly in high heels! As young girls, we are not taught how to walk correctly in high heels. We are just expected to know how to! I know because I did not really know how to walk in heels until I became a model.Now, I can glide effortless on any surface, be it a catwalk, sidewalk, or marble floor.Speaking from experience, I can tell you that nothing FEELS or LOOKS the same as a great pair of heels. And that is why I started to conduct local classes here in Vancouver on how to walk in high heels. It was tremendous success. I was even featured as a news story on Global National and a guest on BreakFast Television!I was also featured in Macleans magazine, The Vancouver Sun and was a guest on a few radio stations.

Here are just some of the topics covered in my private classes and in my DVD:

  • How to buy high heels correctly – The do’s & don’ts to ensure you can wear your high heels properly and comfortably.
  • How to walk gracefully in high heels – Step-by-step instruction and “real world” advice.
  • The secret to wearing heels with much more comfort and ease – You will be surprised because this info is not common knowledge -the majority of women do NOT know this valuable information!
  • How to walk with correct posture and poise – Forget about “standing up straight.” I will show you ALL the insider tips, step-by-step, that are used are used by runway models.
  • How to glide up and down stairs
  • The strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent injury and reduce discomfort – I learned all of these crucial exercises from top runway models, athletic coaches and physiotherapists, to help have more toned, defined, stronger and sexier legs.

If you want to always feel confident and powerful in high heels, if you want to avoid embarrassment and humiliation, or if you just want to have to charm and grace of a model, then the High Heel Appeal class what you need!
This class is great for all ages…teenagers to seniors. If you are uncomfortable or nervous wearing them for the first time or the hundredth time, this class are for YOU! 

Private classes or individual lessons are offered in studio or at a location of your choice.

*Private lessons are available for men and women*

Please Contact Suzanne

“High Heel Appeal” Mobile Services

Corporate Team-Building Event
Many women that work in an office environment are expected to wear high heels. However, most do not feel comfortable doing so. I offer the High Heel Appeal™ class as a fun, informative team-building event that can take place in an on-site gym facility, a boardroom, training room, or any other empty space.
I will conduct my class at your company’s office, special event, corporate retreat, sales conference or Christmas party.
An innovative and effective way that employers can boost employee morale, productivity, employee retention and overall profit. Many companies are finding that a small investment in the well-being of their employees yields a much greater return than they ever expected.

Ladies, make an occasion out of it!
Whether a group of girlfriends are preparing for a wedding, celebrating a bachelorette party, throwing a birthday party, or just getting together for a good time, group high heel lessons are extremely fun and informative!
I’ll teach you how to have confidence and grace in your high heels at my studio or your location of choice.

Interested? Questions? Contact Suzanne

Check out the High Heel Appeal DVD HERE

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