Fear of Being Alone

The past couple of years social distancing is a normal behaviour and for many people, it has exacerbated their fear of being alone. Most of my clients are also holding onto the belief that they are not enough, and that they need more. So being around other people is the solution. But when seeking external connection, fulfillment and validation you will absolutely fear being alone. You must do the internal work. Once you feel that sense of connection, fulfillment and validation within yourself, the fear of being alone no longer exists.

Fear of being alone is linked to a fear of not being able to create happiness on your own. If you believe that you can’t create your own happiness, or take care of your own needs and enjoy life alone, then you will be more needy and dependent on others to create your happiness. This dependence makes being in a relationship much more important, and therefore increases anxiety about being alone and increases fears of rejection. As a result, you can come across as needy, manipulative, or desperate.

Additionally, one of the highest prices you pay for fear of being alone is spending your precious time with the wrong person?. Being with someone who is not right for you is worse than being alone!

My #1 tip for starting to get over your fear of being alone is to do activities you used to enjoy doing with others and do them by yourself. And find new activities to do by yourself. There’s so many fun things to do, what’s going to be your new solo activity?

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