Being Happy Alone Builds Your Confidence + 5 TIPS!

This world-wide pandemic and lock down has been going on for a while now, and many people are getting bored, frustrated and/or lonely.

It’s definitely challenging time, and during this time, we can use this quarantine time to learn how to enjoy being alone and reap the benefits of doing so.

Choose to use this time as an opportunity to get to know who you REALLY are.

Spend time, without distractions and intentionally be with your thoughts. It is empowering and an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to get to know yourself.

So many awesome things will happen for you when you start to enjoy being alone!

Being happy being alone is a SUPERPOWER!!! 😀

I wanted to start off by talking about the difference between being alone and being lonely, because they are different.

Being alone is someone like myself who recharges and enjoys being in solitude. I’m not an introvert or antisocial, or lacking friendships, or loveless. I am someone that looks forward to my alone time, in fact, I need it! I enjoy doing things for myself and being with my thoughts, connecting to my higher self or doing absolutely nothing –this is the epitome of self-care, and is NOT being lonely.

On the other hand, maybe you’re someone who always needs people around you. Or goes from one relationship to the next –not taking the valuable time in between for yourself.

You feel the need to be surrounded by family and friends, but find that you don’t deeply connect or relate beyond a surface level. This creates feelings of emptiness and being disconnected. Also, you might find that being alone is uncomfortable and makes you feel sad and yearning for the company of others. That is loneliness.

The Fear of Being Alone

I work with many of my Confidence Coaching clients on their fear of being alone –it can be depressing and scary.

To avoid being alone, you might end up with someone who isn’t a match or good for you just to have someone there. Or maybe you over-eat, over-sleep, over-drink, over-spend , etc…to comfort yourself, because these things are replacements for real love.

Trust and believe that enjoying your alone time and being your own best friend is the fast track to building Absolute Confidence!

Here’s my top 5 tips on how to be happy and OK with being alone:

#1) Strengthen the Relationship With Yourself

Do you believe that meaningful relationship only happen with another person?? Well, that’s a lie! NOT TRUE! Truth is that the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself!

What I always say is: “If you DON’T know who you are, HOW can you trust yourself?”

A confident woman knows who she is and what her values and beliefs are. An essential part of learning to love yourself starts in knowing all aspects of yourself. Self-awareness is the very first of the “10 Components of Confidence”.
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn more about yourself and pursue things that give you a sense of fulfillment, purpose and confidence. When you learn to appreciate your strengths and gifts and accept your weaknesses, you begin to be comfortable in your own skin.

To strengthen your relationship with yourself, make an effort to get to know yourself better.

Ask yourself:

1) Who am I right now?

How would you describe yourself?

How do you think you “should” be?

What are your core values?

What are your strengths? 

What are your weaknesses?

What are your talents?

What are your gifts?

2) Who would I like to be in the future?

What are your Goals & Desires?

Describe in 3 separate lists what you want to

– DO

– BE


When you know the answers to these questions, you can start giving yourself with the emotional support and confidence you need to achieve your confidence transformation.

#2) Make Alone Time a Priority

Start with just 10 minutes a day without any of the following:

music, television, internet, books, no one else around to interrupt you!

Set an alarm for just 10 minutes, and turn your phone on airplane mode. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes, darken the room, or stare at a candle flame.

Let your mind wander and just let thoughts come up and go away. Do not question or judge your thoughts… just let them be.

#3) Take Yourself Out On a Date

One of the more difficult things about being alone is the lack of regular events and social interactions to look forward to. When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to plan a regular date night. When you have a big circle of friends, it’s easy to arrange weekly fun-filled events

But when you’re alone, it’s harder to create similar routines.

To counteract the “no plans” blues, pick out some things you like to do and then build them into your day in a predictable way. For example, walk to a park or through your neighborhood and take pictures of all the beauty that Mother Nature is creating! Do this every morning and take a steaming hot bath every night. By creating your own routines, you’ll introduce that “I’m looking forward to that” feeling back into your life.

Learn to get over the limiting belief that you’re the only one that will be in the restaurant dining solo or purchasing a movie ticket for one. There’s many of us confident women that do that! (When there’s no quarantine going on!)

If that is too much for you right now, start by taking small steps. Start by sitting alone in a coffee shop for just 10 minutes. Be present, no cell phne, be observant and soak in your surroundings.

#4) Get Outside in Nature
Go out and explore on your own, let the fresh air clear your mind and invigorate your body and your mind.

Being in nature is one of the absolute best way to connect and feel so blessed. Make the time and get outside and enjoy it!

If you can, go hang out by the water, and absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Feel the breeze on your face.

Walk to a park, or go for a hike, or a neighbourhood walk with the intention of taking pics fo all the beautilf flowers and trees. That what I always do!

The natural beauty and fresh air will create the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation.

Just 30 minutes out in nature can improve symptoms of depression and lower blood pressure.

#5) Be Grateful and Appreciative

Every day acknowledge things you’re grateful for. Our happiness is linked to our capacity to be grateful.

Gratitude is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to transform your life. Your life will change to the degree that you use gratitude and begin to feel grateful.

If you are just a little bit grateful, your life will change a little bit. If you are very grateful, your whole life will change.

If you live with gratitude every single day, you will become a much happier person. The more gratitude we project, the more we attract tings to be grateful for! It’s easy to take things for granted as you go about your day.

Devote some time to reflect on the things you’re grateful for by writing in a Gratitude Journal. 🙂

Are you ready to learn how to be happy being alone? Please contact me now  for a COMPLIMENTARY session!  I WILL HELP YOU!

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