Based on our “Get Acquainted Session” I will customize a program that is best suited to your specific needs. The following coaching programs have been the most popular:

• Self-Awareness Coaching
• Assertiveness Coaching
• Social Confidence Coaching

I will help you gain the self-confidence to:
•make better decisions for yourself because you KNOW yourself
•go after what you want because you TRUST yourself
•discover your authentic self
•overcome your fear of being rejected
•not be so attached to other people’s opinions
•stop taking things so personally
•stop dwelling on and living in the past
•understand what your fear of being judged is, and how to eliminate it
•get the respect you deserve
•talk to new people expand your social network
•get out there and make lots of friends –real friends not just Facebook friends
•break out of your comfort zone, explore new hobbies and find new interests
•attract better quality people into your life
•discover what you’re passionate about
•eliminate the belief that you need validation from others
•stop filling the void and looking for love and happiness externally
•look in the mirror and like what you see
•feel worthy of praise and compliments
•walk into any room and feel comfortable
•ask for a raise or a promotion
•give a successful presentation
•stop trying so hard to fit in, and be excited about being unique
•be comfortable asserting yourself; saying ‘No’ and saying what you want
•build healthy relationships with other people
•be able to communicate effectively
•let go of all the self-limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back
•create a clearer vision for your future
•and much more!

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