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My name is Suzanne Fetting, a Confidence Coach since 2008

Suzanne Fetting | Confidence Coach

 I have been helping thousands of women learn how to TRUST themselves, LOVE themselves and have more FUN because they learned to be who they REALLY are…their authentic self!

As an empowered and confident woman, my passion and vision is to assist women of all ages, shapes and sizes to learn who they are, what they want, overcome their fears and limitations, and discover their authentic selves so that they can live a FUN and FULFILLING life!!!

I get a great sense of fulfillment in helping people develop love, trust and respect for themselves, create positive change, identify their desires, and live the life they dream of. A life that is filled with confidence, self-respect and self-worth, self-love, happiness, and lots of FUN!

My love for life and many, many unique experiences have allowed me to grow into a grateful, fun-loving, happy person who is confident, adventurous, goal-oriented and ambitious. Others have described me as being an enthusiastic and high-energy leader, who is very empathic, authentic, sincere, intuitive, inspirational, generous, trustworthy and great with people.

I live my life continuously pushing myself out of my comfort zone, facing my fears and constantly taking action. I am passionate about life and I live my daily life engaged in activities requiring absolute confidence. I not only teach confidence, I LIVE IT!


My abilities stem from years of helping both women and men build their confidence. In addition to having trained with the very highly regarded Erickson College International. I have coached, advised and motivated people of all ages and backgrounds. I have an innate ability to identify and understand problems, to communicate effectively and to assist in problem solving and goal setting.

I have worked as a producer, a reporter, an event planner, a marketing and promotions supervisor, a fashion show producer, a fashion and spokes model and also owned my own business at a young age. I have been a keynote speaker at trade shows and events and I am a published writer.

I was also selected to be on CBC’s “The Dragons’ Den” for my other business High Heel Appeal –you can check out my experience HERE I have produced a unique instructional high heel DVD which is the first DVD of its kind, teaching people how to boost their confidence – and their height – with a pair of high heels.

To learn more about my success with Absolute Confidence and High Heel Appeal, you can visit my “PRESS Page ~ HERE

Additionally I am a proud volunteer with Big Sisters™ and a Community Leader with The Minerva Foundation’s Learning to Lead™ Program.

I am someone who does not let fear dictate the quality of my life. I enjoy transforming fear into fun and excitement! I am a thrill seeker who loves adventure, and travel, and any kind of adrenaline inducing activities that gets me outta my comfort zone! (See my pics below! 🙂 )

Two of my hobbies are riding sportbikes and Fire Poi – Fire Dancing. You can learn more about my Fire Dancing business by visiting

I have appeared on several television and radio shows and in many publications, for my success with my first passion project back in 2001 which focuses on women and motorcycles.

I would sincerely like to pass along to you what I have learned about the significance of having authentic and absolute confidence and self-respect. As well as sharing with you all of the skills, tools, tips, techniques and exercises I have developed over the years.

If you’re thinking about Confidence Coaching, please feel free to reach out to me and we can chat. I would love to help you discover your inner strength and learn how amazing you are and how happy and confident you can become!

You don’t have to live in the same city or country to have me as your Confidence Coach. I work with clients all over the world over-the-phone or with Zoom or Skype.

As your Confidence Coach, I will set you on the right path to achieve your ultimate goals! I will help you achieve the confidence and success you really want and deserve. You can change your life RIGHT NOW!

Let’s do it together! 😀

If you are ready to create REAL and LASTING positive change in your life and become the confident you,

Let’s set up an Intro Session, so you can learn more about how I will help you! ~ Let’s Get Started!

I look forward to hearing from you! 😀