Sleep In The Nude To Boost Self-Confidence

The lifestyle blog “Thought Catalog” has compiled a list of reasons why everybody needs to sleep completely naked, every night.

While some of the benefits sound debatable, #3: Spending time naked makes you feel comfortable with your body” is a very true claim! When you are comfortable with your body, you act more confidently which makes you happy and is viewed as attractive by others.
When was the last time you truly felt comfortable in just your own skin? Not too many women are, you’re not alone. Sleeping nude will help you get used to your body, and it’s a great way to combat your insecurities. Especially if you have body confidence issues.

As an added bonus, you’re also likely to engage in sex more often. As the blog notes: “There’s nothing between you and your partner and that idea (along with the added visual experience) leads to more sex.”

But apparently, very few people sleep naked. I do, and was surprised when I learned this!

When you’re in a new relationship, sleeping nude becomes the norm—because you don’t spend much time sleeping, riiiight?!?  😉 But, after a while, many people slide back into the wearing pajamas routine—at least, that’s what a new study seems to suggest.

A newly released USA national survey about sleep revealed that only 8% of Americans sleep naked, while 74% of people wear pajamas every night.

So, starting tonight, how about going to bed in your birthday suit and take a step towards building your self-confidence!



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