Confidence Coaching Success Story with Liz F.

“Just 8 months ago, I met a guy at a party who swept me off my feet. I’ve never met anyone I liked this much. He had all the qualities I was looking for in a man. I created a lot of pressure for myself because I wanted to impress him. I spent days preparing for our first date. Looking back, I believe the best preparation of all was mental.

I am so glad I called Suzanne for help. She guided me throughout the dating phase and helped cultivate my sense of self-worth. I always come out of our sessions enlightened, with more clarity about myself. I was able to realize my worth and be comfortable about sharing my true self.

Thanks Suzanne for all your help! You’ve made a positive difference in my life ever since I had my first session with you over 3 years ago. The sessions we had always gave me clarity about the concerns I had at that time. And looking back, I made the right decisions because of that.

I am truly grateful 🙂 “

~ Liz F.

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