Confidence Coaching Success with Karen G.

“I found Suzanne at one of the lowest points in my life.  I had no self-esteem, was very anxious, depressed, overweight, and alone, had closed myself off from the entire world and was just ‘existing not living.  I had so many anxieties and fears, like being in public or feeling that I was different than everyone else and I was going to be alone forever.  Suzanne showed me a new way of looking at life and myself and took me out of the fog that I had been living in for 46 years and made me finally see daylight!

With Suzanne’s contagious zest for life, her constant encouragement and her warm and friendly disposition along with my hard work (yes, you must do the work to reap the rewards!) I can truly say that I have changed my life.  I have confidence that I never thought possible and people are always telling me how much I have changed and I tell them it was all because of Suzanne!

After 23 yrs of office work I am now pursuing my passion of working with animals and have met the most wonderful man. 
You can’t put a price on that!

Thank you Suzanne, love ya!”
– Karen G.

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