Drag Car Races & Jet Fuel Cars with my Dad @Mission Raceway!

The last weekend in August is awesome for two reasons: 1) because I spend the whole day and night with my Daddyyyyy! and 2) because we go to see the annual “Smoke Fire & Thunder Drag Races” at Mission Raceway, WOO-HOOOOOO!!!  😀

It’s an EPIC day of races, and going into the pits to chat with the racers and see the all cars and bikes close up is awesome!

And the night show is even better! We go right up to the fence, as close as we can get to the drag strip. Being right there when the crazy fast & loud jet fuel cars get fired up is SO captivating, it takes your breath away!
The flames, the smoke and the INSANE sound (that literally sounds like THUNDER!) is a show that is impossible to describe! It’s so loud that the video camera can’t even pick up the sound 😮  I have been to dozens of races over the years (mostly motorcycles though) and these races unreal –always the best and are a must-see every year!

Here’s some pics and videos:

Mission Raceway on August 26, 2017

Wheelstander Pick-Up Truck at Mission Raceway

Jet Fuel Cars Drag Race at Mission Raceway

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