Confidence Coaching Success with Leanna Wong

“I went to Suzanne because I needed (a lot) of guidance on having a woman’s confidence. She taught me that that is the greatest gift a woman can do for herself and through our year of working together, she showed me it was possible through the power of our thinking, our self-talk and intentions, and acting upon them.

Suzanne was my shining light each week at our weekly sessions and she assigned some pivotal homework and field trips that took me on some empowering and life-changing events:

  • I went out to dinner on my own in a restaurant and enjoyed it
  • We went to a bar with no makeup on and had so much fun
  • We put on pairs of outrageously goofy glasses and stood downtown at the Stadium on hockey night and talked to random people at the entrance.

The next day, I had no fear of talking to anyone!
I also travelled to job interviews and she taught me how to set an intention to plan for success and I felt good coming out of it as I had an adventure of it and did the best I could. I also made a jump and moved in with my boyfriend of 4 years, and she helped me communicate with him better.

Suzanne challenged me to live outside of the box that I held myself in and set me on the path to being free from the fear of judgement, fear of not being good enough, fear of relationships and fear of being unworthy of good ones, and fear of not being a “good girl”.

She was encouraging, accountable, hilarious, and she has the natural ability to connect with people through her experiences, insights and wisdom, of which she has a lot! She is a living, beautiful WiseWoman who gave me the courage to move forward and to have the strength to have Absolute Confidence to open up, woman up and live my life as fulfilling and alive as possible and to stand up on my own two feet.

Thank you Suzanne!! I love you!”

– Leanna Wong


Here we are having fun and facing the fear of being judged head on! (with ears! 😉 )


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