Cypress Mountain on New Years Day 2018

My Most EPIC New Years Day Ever!!!! 😀

As usual, I was booked to fire dance at a huge New Years Eve Party, which was awesome!

But instead of doing the typical partying all night and having a lazy, unproductive day on New Years Day, my good friend Mercedes and I decided that we wanted to start off on a healthy vibe and we spent our first day of the new year on top of the world and doing something we love. Enjoying the absolutely breathtaking views from the top of Cypress Mountain. It was a day I will never forget!

The city was covered by a thick blanket of fog, but it was a beautiful and mild sunny day at Cypress. The snow was perfect, the crowds were minimal (which was very surprising, but great!) I went snowblading and Mercedes went snowboarding.

At sunset we went up to the peak (and had to hike a bit outta bounds) and were fortunate enough to witness the MOST gorgeous sunset EVER! Seriously! I’ve travelled to many, many places in the world, but this view was totally surreal. It was like we were inside of a painting, the view all around us somehow didn’t look real. It literally took my breath away and had me completely overcome with such powerful emotions of joy & gratitude.
I am very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and even more fortunate that I was at right place at the right time. The Universe was rewarding us for being there. Most definitely!!!

And I thought my experience that day couldn’t get any better, BUT THEN, upon looking at all my videos and photos the next day, I saw that I was surrounded by beautiful energy the whole day –check out the MAGICAL ORB flying around in my video  🙂

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