Confidence is the root of all happiness!

 I frequently get asked this question: “Why are you so happy?”  “Well,” I say, “many reasons, first of which is that I love my life and I am confident in who I am and what my purpose is.” Happiness and self-confidence go hand-in-hand! But happiness for many people is transient, it is something experienced in a moment, when we feel something, or buy something as a treat and then this moment of happiness is gone. Real happiness, that deep sense of trust and well-being, inner peace and fulfilment, where our smile really reaches our eyes…. that comes from a very different place.

Confidence is the foundation from where all our happiness begins. Genuine happiness comes from a sense of well-being. When we feel secure, safe, know that we have a sense of purpose, feel genuinely loved and respected and have enough of the basic things that we need, then happiness will naturally occur.

If I asked you to write a list right now of what would make you happier you might see some of the following on your list, they are some of the most common desires that we think will make us happier.
·         more money
·         more time
·         a lover or partner
·         a child
·         better health
·         more freedom
·         a vacation
·         being more powerful
·         being more decisive
·         getting a better job
·         getting a better car, house, etc

I’m sure you have more to add to the list of ‘things’ but the fact is things are not what makes you happy. What makes you happy is YOU, knowing your authentic self, living in alignment with her, and knowing what is important to you and knowing how to go about getting that which is important to you. If you look at the bullet point list you can see that confidence is the secret ingredient that will help you get ALL of those things you desire, all of those things that will make you happy.

Having confidence is what will drive you to achieve. If you want a different lifestyle you need to be confident that you can make the changes necessary, self-confidence helps you believe you can achieve. Self-confidence will help boost your self-esteem and therefore give you a better opinion of yourself, liking yourself more is a simple step to take the start to truly experience deep happiness.

If you’re looking for love, self-confidence will improve your self-worth and this in turn will help you understand and believe that you are worthy of love, deserve love and you’re also confident enough to get out and meet people. It is unlikely you will meet Mr. Right hanging out in your living room, after all.

 If you want to earn more money, get a better job or even start your own business then confidence will allow you to do this as you will have belief in your abilities. Self-confidence helps you not need other people’s opinions, approval or help all the time. It means you are self reliant, independent and resourceful and this will make you feel more powerful!

Confidence can never be understated, it is more important to our physical and mental health and wellness. It is the very source of true happiness as happiness is a state not just an emotion or feeling. Nurture your confidence, build your self-confidence and become happier than you ever thought possible by taking small steps to boost your confidence every single day; do this and you too can lead a truly happy life.


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