A Confidence Coaching Success Story with Jenny Lau

Before I started working with Suzanne, I actually didn’t know exactly what my problem was except that I was extremely unhappy and was lost on what I needed to do with my career.  I felt like I wasn’t able to connect to people.  I was afraid to speak up at work in front of large groups of people in fears that I was wrong, which hindered me from progressing.

I had actually never been to any type of coaching of this nature before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  However, during my first session with Suzanne, it felt like I was speaking with a long-time trusted friend.  She was encouraging and gave me lots of insights on the importance of self-awareness and confidence.

Developing confidence was important to me because a lack of confidence was affecting the way I was interacting with people.  I didn’t realize that because I was afraid to speak up about my opinions and thoughts, that I wasn’t being genuine to myself or others around me.  I was a “doormat” as Suzanne would say!  And because I wasn’t being true to my feelings, in my personal life, that led to toxic relationships. Also, in my work life, that led to me being unhappy because I was making decisions to take on projects that I wasn’t interested in.

Suzanne is very encouraging and made me feel very comfortable in sharing my feelings.  She also challenged me to realize for myself the reasons for my past beliefs and negative thoughts.  I appreciated her patience and upbeat attitude.  Suzanne always made sure that I came to my realizations on my own.  With her homework exercises, she allowed me to discover for myself how I came to where I am today, and what I could do to change.  Also, the stories and experiences Suzanne shared with me inspired me to see beyond the current situation.

After working with Suzanne, I definitely have a greater self-awareness.  I say to her all the time it’s like having my blinders off on life.  One of the biggest changes in me is that I’m no longer afraid to speak up about my opinions.  With Suzanne’s help, I realized that negative thoughts were keeping me from speaking up and voicing my opinions.  The techniques that she’s taught me have helped me to gain courage to speak up and use my voice.

Also, before I met Suzanne, I had actually read a lot of books to gain a better understanding of myself.  However, I found that I still wasn’t getting the answer I was looking for.  It was only after I met Suzanne did I fully understand the message those books were trying to say and what it translated to me in my own life.

I would definitely recommend Absolute Confidence. Suzanne is not only friendly and encouraging, but she challenged me and made me think for myself about the reasons why I wasn’t happy in my life.

Now, I feel that I’m a happier and more confident person.  I am not constantly second guessing myself and the decisions I make or things that I say.  I also feel lighter as I didn’t realize before how tiring it was to be always second guessing myself!

– Jenny Lau

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