7 Ways To Be Vulnerable & Be More Open

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Here’s my top 7 tips on how to be more vulnerable:

1) Decide to be more open starting today, let yourself be seen, show the world who you really are. Be human, not “perfect” –no one gets it right all the time. No one gets through life totally unharmed. And anyone representing that it does is full of sh*t!  :O
Vulnerability shows that you are in tune with yourself. It is also operating with your defensive shields down. If your shields are up, people don’t trust you. When your shields are down, you’re free to use all of your energy.

The people you meet want to see you and they want to know you. The REAL you. They don’t only want to know who you are when you’re performing at your top 5%. Share your up and your downs, share your challenges, your greatest fear –doing so make you more relatable.

2) No one-worded answers!
When someone asks you: “How was your day/weekend?” “Are you having a good time?” Give details and info so that people can engage with you. No one-worded answers! Ask them a follow up question to hold the conversation and show interest.

3) Learn who you REALLY are and be authentic
Most of my clients have not explored this area of themselves before and typically they wear personas. For many it’s challenging to distinguish who you really are, from who you represent yourself as being.
It’s no surprise though. When you ask someone how their career is coming along or how their relationship is, very rarely do you get a reply like “It’s not good at all. I’m frustrated and not as happy as I’d like to be.”
Instead it’s more like an invitation for people to only focus on the top 5% of what they’re doing and only the good. We see social media and hear so much talk of success that most people start to feel like that’s all they should be sharing for fear of being judged.

4)  Be curious, not fearful
Invest in friendships and relationships without fear or being focused on getting disappointed or your heart broken.

5) Believe that you ARE enough
When you are not being authentic around others it’s because of the “should’s and expectations” you have to be someone else (more successful, more beautiful, more money, a better job, a better social life, etc.)
Realize and affirm this: “I AM enough.” The truth is we are all enough and I am going to help you become the best version of yourself. When you are aware and accepting of the fact that you are enough and worthy of love, you can become connected with yourself and others.

6) Ask for what you need
Do you feel you’re not getting enough quality time with your partner?
Do you want more of their attention –physical, emotional, or both?
Maybe you’d like them to tone down their criticism or would like them be more mindful of your needs?
Ask for what you need in a loving way, without nagging or being accusatory.
If they care about your well-being, they’ll understand.

People that are open and comfortable with being vulnerable, give hugs! How many hugs are you gonna give today???   😀


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