Vulnerability Is The Cornerstone of Confidence

“Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence.” -Oprah

When my Confidence Coaching clients start working with me, they typically think of vulnerability as weakness, but it is NOT! (I talk about this in my other post:Vulnerability is NOT Weakness, It’s A Strength and Builds Trust ) It is the opposite, it is a strength and if you want to become self-aware, confident and be able to connect with other people, it’s absolutely necessary!

Your fear of vulnerability is very common and heavily influenced by the earliest relationships you had. If you didn’t have predictable, loving, and stable relationships with your parents, teachers, and friends as you grew up, you will be more apprehensive about opening yourself up to others and letting others in.

My clients that struggle with being vulnerable were typically deprived of adequate attention, given mixed messages, or abandoned in their early years. Oftentimes they are future focused and expect the same painful treatment from everyone else in the world –especially people that they love. This can lead to avoidance of romantic relationships and close friendships.

Additionally, being vulnerable is challenging for people because of the limiting belief that we have to be “perfect” and do it all. This makes it reeeally difficult (if not impossible!) to be real and to be vulnerable. Pretending to be someone that you’re not is exhausting and is not authentic and it is definitely NOT confidence! We have to let go of who we “should be” and focus on who we ARE. Be human, not “perfect.” None of us are perfect. It does NOT exist, and when you acknowledge that, accept it and know it,  that is when you can start building authentic confidence. The people you meet want to see you and they want to know you. The REAL you.

When you are real, authentic and vulnerable, that makes you relateable –and that’s how we connect with others!


Vulnerability Is The Cornerstone of Confidence

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Now it the time for you to learn how to be more open, more vulnerable so that you can connect more with yourself and with others!

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