6 Tips on How to Have Body Confidence

Body confidence is having absolute respect and love for your body and knowing that you are most beautiful when you have a healthy body and mind and when you are being your authentic self.

In our society, thin figures, youth, and fitness are considered to be more valuable. But throughout history, most societies valued fat bodies and fat diets. The fat people were rich, the thin were poor. Now in our Western society it is the other way around.

But, travel to the Eastern parts of the world, especially in Asian cultures, you would quickly learn that the people in their culture that are really thin and tanned are the people that are more likely to be considered poor and unhealthy.

The media plays a role in this perception as women are being showcased in unrealistic ways. Implying that confidence, success, acceptance and happiness comes with being thin, beautiful and Caucasian. These negative messages say that women are not desirable, healthy, normal or confident. As a result, most women believe that the super skinny and often extremely unhealthy bodies of models, actresses and celebrities are realistic, no matter how unrealistic and unhealthy they might be. 🙁

Having body confidence is extremely important because negative body image can affect women of all ages and races, all over the world.

Dove’s latest research from all around the world, women aren’t feeling confident in their own beauty. Here’s the shocking stats on how many women say that they feel anxious about the way they look:

61% in the US
86% in China
56% in India
96% in the UK
72% in Brazil

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Here’s my top 6 tips on how to have body confidence:

#1) Recognize that advertisements are sales pitches
Advertisers have women believing that there’s something wrong with normal bodies when the truth is that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

#2) Stop comparing yourself to other women
When we do so, we see all their positives attributes. But most women when they look at themselves, focus on their flaws. It doesn’t make you feel better. Instead use that energy and focus on, start learning how to accept and love yourself.

#3)  Discover other ways to feel good about yourself besides physical appearance
Explore your talents, take a class, or join a social group and meet some new people.

#4) Stop talking about your weight
If you negatively self-talk about yourself, you are hurting yourself.
You are programming your subconscious mind by doing so and your negative feelings are reinforced and further internalized.

#5) Focus on your health instead of your appearance
Be sure that you are eating well, getting exercise, sleeping enough and taking time to relax.

#6) Learn to accept the way you look
You will feel better about your body, your confidence will increase and you will begin to carry yourself with confidence. How you carry yourself is ultimately more important than how you look.



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