Women Being Constantly Judged = Female Confidence At An All-Time Low

A new report shows that women report feeling judged on their appearance everyday.

A third say they feel awkward entering a designer store.

Two-thirds say they feel judged giving a presentation at work.

For most mothers, the school run is an unglamorous affair. It’s all wet hair, tracksuit bottoms and chipped manicures as they rush to drag the children out of bed, make their packed lunches and cajole them into the car.

And according to new research, one in ten Moms admit to feeling judged for their appearance when they drop their children off at school.

But it isn’t just at the school gate that women feel they don’t measure up, with the survey revealing that women feel self-conscious on a day-to-day basis.

A third (34%) feel like they are being judged when they walk into an expensive or designer shop.

Meanwhile, almost a fifth (17%) even feel awkward when they walk out of a fitting room after trying on clothes.

Two thirds of women (63%) claim they are judged when giving a presentation at work, while 11 per cent feel this way at a school gate.

It was also revealed that receiving a kind comment is so significant, a fifth of women (22%) remember it for the rest of their lives

What’s more, a staggering 85% find it hard to believe that other women admire their look.

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