TBC Indoor Go-Kart Racing Fun


WOOOOO-HOOOOO!! I just love it there. You can get the go karts goin’ super fast!!

A great way for me to get my winter “Speedy Bike Girl” adrenaline fix 🙂

I was flying around the track doing 60km/hr while sitting just 2 inches from the ground!

The 13-turn road course means that the drivers with the most guts and skill will get the fastest times.

The time flies by SO quickly, so you’ve gotta buy at least 2 races, because the first race is spent getting used to the car and the speed.

Before you get out on the race track you have to watch a cheesy safety precautions video, then you get geared up, and you’re off to the races!
The also time all the races, so you can track your progress.
Check out “Speedy Bike Girl” who just happened to be 1st place for all the races! Sorry to all the men there, heehee 😉

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