STOP People-Pleasing ~What It REALLY Is and Why You MUST Stop Being a People Pleaser

  • Do you have a hard time saying ‘No’?
  • Do you put everyone else’s needs before your own?
  • Do you worry about what other people think of you?
  • Do you agree with people because you’d like to “fit in”?
  • Don’t want everyone to like you and say good things about you?

Most women like to be thought of as a NICE person, easy to get along with, and accommodating.
I have many clients that are very nice, but they are unhappy and secretly angry and resentful because they’re sick and tired of being taken advantage of, being ignored, having their voices go unheard, and being taken for granted.

You’ve got to STOP people-pleasing!

People-pleasers aka: “pushovers” and “doormats”, don’t share their thoughts or opinions, and will agree with others without even considering what they believe or what they want.
They lack assertiveness skills, do not speak up for themselves, and do not say what they really think or feel, and usually do not ask for what they need or want for fear of upsetting or bothering someone else.

And most of the time, they are unaware that they are doing so! YIKES!
Subconsciously, wanting to please others in order to avoid negative reactions and confrontations afraid of, and to avoid rejection, judgment, confrontation, or abandonment.
You may have been conditioned to be compliant or to be controlled based on the way you were treated by your parents, authority figures or by society.

People pleasing behaviour is extremely detrimental to you building confidence, and is no way for you to be living!

Your thoughts and opinions matter –YOU MATTER!




You are sick & tired of being a doormat! Are ready to become the door PRIZE?

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