Social Anxiety turned into Social Confidence.

networkingDo you know that the #1 fear people have is speaking in public? It’s more feared than death!!! That means that most people would rather be the person INSIDE the casket at a funeral, than the one giving the eulogy!

Social anxiety is the distress we feel over being evaluated by other people and it affects thousands of people each year, and interferes with their daily lives. Shyness and social anxiety are very common; 40% of all young people today describe themselves as shy and that rate continues to increase by about 1% every year.

Speaking in public is a skill that anyone can learn and develop. No one is born with the ability to speak in public; those who do it well early have learned it earlier than others.

Social confidence is the quality which enables us to be our authentic selves when interacting with other people in social settings and allows us to enjoy the company of other people. People who have social confidence are more easily able to excel in the workplace, meet new people, and develop connections with others much quicker.

The goal of this presentation to help people understand social anxiety: What is it? What causes it? How to overcome it.

In this presentation, Suzanne will provide your audience with the skills and techniques that make up the three very important components of social confidence. She will invite the audience to engage in powerful role-playing exercises and share proven social confidence tips and techniques.

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