Understanding guilt and worry and the power of positivity.

happyIt is a well known fact that happy people are more productive people who enjoy their life, create a much more enjoyable environment for others, and are more fun to be around!

Negative thoughts prevent people from developing absolute confidence and from achieving their goals.

It is impossible to be motivated when you are angry, irritated, disappointed or frustrated. Negative thinking can quickly spiral out of control and destroy one’s confidence.

Guilt and worry are two of the strongest and most destructive emotions. When they become excessive, they will stop one from being happy, successful and confident. They are powerful factors that induce stress, anxiousness and illness.

This highly informative presentation will explore different thought patterns and will provide the audience with practical methods, powerful techniques, and useful tips for becoming aware of dis-empowering thoughts, how to overcoming guilt and worry, and the tools to put them back in control of their own happiness.

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