Developing a healthy body image and changing the way we see our bodies.

200302353-001Learn about body image and body confidence, and how to feel good about yourself and your body. Body image is extremely important as it can affect women of all ages. It is reported that in North America today, almost 90% of women are unhappy with the way they look and 40 billion dollars a year is spent in the diet industry.

This dynamic presentation will focus on how to prevent and deal with negative body image while confronting the distorted ways of seeing our bodies.

We will examine the unrealistic expectation that is prevalent in our society and the “addiction to perfection” mentality that stems from the harmful messages and myths that are presented in the media. We also explore the link between negative body image and unhealthy habits and behaviors and the negative language that is commonly used.

Suzanne will provide the audience with thought provoking exercises and powerful tools on learning how to feel good about their bodies and themselves.

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