Learn how to say “No”, have your voice be heard and stand up for your rights.

assertiveAssertiveness is standing up for your right to be treated fairly.

It is clearly expressing your thoughts, opinions, needs, and feelings, without ignoring, hurting or disrespecting those of others.

Women seem to have a harder time saying “No” than men. We are people-pleasers and care-givers by nature. Oftentimes, women will worry more about hurting other’s feelings and what others think of us.

But when anyone says “Yes” and would rather say “No” what we’re really saying is, “Your needs are more important than mine.” You can say what you mean without being mean when you say it.

“No” is a word of power and is more important than most people think. This presentation focuses on how to use it effectively, as well as providing useful assertiveness exercises, practical tips and techniques that will empower the audience members.

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