Self Talk~How It Affects Our Confidence

The words you use create the results you get!

Everyone talks to themselves. But most people use very negative self talk and phrases which do not create the results they want. It is extremely important to be aware of negative self-talking and comparisons you are using, as they put stress and pressure on you and prevent you from becoming confident.

  • The way we self talk TO ourselves ABOUT ourselves greatly contributes to our self-confidence and self-esteem.

When you use words like : “I should”, “I need to…”, “I’ll try to”, (I should lose weight.” , “I need to exercise more, “I’ll try to step out of my comfort zone.”) it creates pressure and negative thoughts and feelings and tightness that automatically programs your mind NOT to want to do it.

Instead, say: “I want to…” you will notice the more positive thinking it evokes, and how it has a more positive connotation. It affects your body and mind differently! You will find that things are easier to do because you are linking up these tasks with things that are easier and more positive. Replace the “should’s,  needs to’s , try to’s, etc” with more positive want to statements like:

“It is in alignment with my goals to…”
“I allow myself to feel…”
“I will…” , I allow myself, I am becoming more… I can do…”

You’ll notice that things are easier to do, because you are asking your mind to link up these tasks with things that you want to do, that you will do, that you love to do.

See the difference that positive thinking can make on your feelings and actions!

Absolute Confidence_Self Talking

Is your negative self talk limiting you? –YES, IT IS!
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