Self-Deprecating Humour, Stop Putting Yourself Down!

Humour is powerful; laughter can heal rifts, heal the body, soothe the mind, lighten the atmosphere and bring people closer together. Knowing how to use humour is a talent that makes people popular and appropriate use of humour can diffuse volatile situations.
We all love to laugh, but we need to be very careful when making fun of ourselves. Self-deprecating humour is a fine line to walk, and if you get the balance wrong then you can find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation.

Self-deprecating humour is an indication of insecurity. People who make fun of themselves not only make the people around them uncomfortable, but they are letting other people know how little they respect themselves and are therefore letting other people know that they are OK with others putting them down too.

Always remember that people will only respect you as much as YOU respect yourself! If you are wallowing in your insecurities and weaknesses and vocalizing that to other people, you are essentially begging for NEGATIVE attention and looking for other people to validate you.

Absolute confidence is built when you trust, love and respect yourself and can have a good time in other peoples company without feeling the need to be the butt of your own jokes. A happy and healthy way to live your life is to focus on the good in your life to be happy in your own skin and to really pay attention to the good things.
What you focus on you will attract more of, self-deprecating humour means you focus on the weaker or more negative aspects of your life, personality or experiences, this is the exact opposite to what you want to be focusing on.
Also when you poke fun at yourself, often it is in the back of your mind that it would make you feel good for someone to disagree with you or even complement you. But fishing for complements is rarely successful and it this shows a level of neediness that can is displays insecurity.

So, STOP from putting yourself down and using self-deprecating humour and you’ll be one step closer to absolute confidence!

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