Personal Responsibility

We are not who we are because of what’s been done to us.

We are who we are because of how we have chosen to respond to what’s been done to us.

Personal responsibility is taking complete responsibility for your life and acknowledging that you are the only one responsible for your thoughts, your decisions, your emotions, your behaviors, your attitudes, your achievements, your action and your inaction.

You are the only one that has complete control over your life and your level of confidence. When you take complete responsibility for your life, you empower yourself. As soon as you understand personal responsibility, you will be able to come from your inner strength and realize that you are both the problem and the solution. You will be able to achieve absolute confidence within yourself that can empower you to take action.

It is SO much easier to place blame than to accept responsibility. We have all done it.

However, when you place blame, either on someone or something, you are not coming from your inner strength. When you blame others, you are playing the role of a victim, which is not coming from your inner strength. You are basically saying that you are helpless.

Responsibility gives you the power to create change. When you accept responsibility, you don’t waste time placing blame. It is not about feeling guilty -it’s about seizing opportunities to create change and to learn. You create your life by what you do and don’t do and by what you say and don’t say. You are responsible for your life. When you embrace this truth, you will access your inner strength.

You must take responsibility for your action, and inaction. When you choose to take positive action, you will create success for yourself, and as a result you will create confidence. You do not have to take big, huge action, but you need to take action that will create change in your life.


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