How to walk in high heels DVD

High Heel Appeal DVD_cover

The High Heel Appeal DVD Makes a perfect gift for the ladies in your life!

What a FUN & UNIQUE gift to give! – Learn how to walk in high heel stilettos

In this DVD you will learn how to:
-buy the right kind of high heels
-walk gracefully in high heels
-wear heels with much more comfort and ease
-walk with correct posture and poise
-glide up and down stairs
-prevent stumbling, wobbling or falling
-strengthening and stretching exercises
-build your self confidence
-and MUCH MORE!!!

Watch and practice with the DVD in the privacy of your own home.
This unique DVD is the first instructional high heel DVD of its kind. It’s a beautiful work of art!
All shot in Hi-Def and extremely informative and fun!

Length: 30 minutes + Bonus Feature

High Heel Appeal DVD is ONLY $24.99
Buy your copy now

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