Overcoming Shyness

Plan ahead.

Plan out what you want to say and what do you want other people to know about you.
Have something to say because boring people make for boring conversation.

Utilize the space around you.
Don’t sit and twist your legs around your chair or sit in the smallest place at a meeting.
Make better use of your personal space. The more room you appear to occupy, the more confident and important you appear. But moving too close to others is unsettling, so don’t get too near.

I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true! Confident people are happy people, they smile more! Show others that you are confident and approachable by smiling more often.

Make eye contact.
This may be one of the most valuable forms of non-verbal communication you can use. One glance from
another person can speak volumes about that person’s feelings and attitude about you.
Eyes are very expressive. They say, “Come and talk to me, I’m approachable.” or they can show disinterest, deviousness or insecurity.

Practise calming your breath.
Slow, calm and deep breaths can combat nervousness any time.
You can calm down instantly and become less tense and anxious by paying attention to your breath.

Be an active listener
Good listening will earn admiration and respect. Listen actively and find moments when you can ask questions or make supporting comments. Doing so is one of the secrets of popularity.

Express yourself well.
Make your conversation sound interesting by using colourful, descriptive language and by varying your volume and tone. By adding variety to the way you express yourself, other people will be more drawn to you. Try speaking slower during key conversation pints, emphasizing key words and pausing for dramatic effect. Doing so will keep the other person’s attention.

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