7 Ways To Overcome Your Fears

Fear is a temporary emotion that is learned and is a conditioned response. We learn it either through our own experiences or from other people. Usually our parents!

Experiencing fear from time to time is totally normal but when it prevents us from taking healthy risks or if it creates health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and high blood pressure, it can become physically and emotionally debilitating.

Unfortunately, most people will create their ENTIRE lives based on their fears! SO TRUE, and very unfortunate! 🙁

We have been socially conditioned to believe that we “should only do” what we think we “can do” without failing, or what we have been told we “can do”, or what we have already successfully done before. These self-limiting beliefs will prevent people from stepping outside of their comfort zone, taking action and living their most fulfilling life. Not good!

Here’s 7 ways that you can learn to overcome your fears:

1) Understand your fears.
Determine exactly what you’re afraid of and the cause of the fear and put it into context with facts. The facts give you knowledge, and knowledge is essential in overcoming fears.

2) Realize that fear is simply a temporary  feeling.
Fear in itself can’t actually harm you. And the good news is that you have complete control over your feelings.

3) Visualize the courageous you!
Visualizations are extremely powerful. Visualize yourself facing your fear while remaining calm and confident.

4) Find a courageous companion.
Find someone who is not afraid of what you fear and spend time with that person.

5) Do something today that scares you.
When we step outside of our comfort zone and take risks, we force ourselves to learn and grow. Fear robs us of our happiness and fulfillment. Be aware of your old habits and be conscious and deliberate about stepping outside your comfort zone. Push yourself and give yourself a huge boost of confidence!

6) Take risks and take action and face your fears.

When your physical safety is not in danger ask yourself, “Am I physically safe here?” If so (and YES, you will be safe!) go ahead and take the risk! You will find that there was really nothing to fear but fear itself.

7) Be kind to yourself.
Don’t be too hard on yourself if your old fears show up again. Overcoming a fear takes commitment and persistence. You can do it! And I can teach you how.

Let me teach you the fast-track to being a confident and fearless woman!  😀

I want to help YOU! So contact me now, I can teach you how to overcome the fears that are holding you back and making you unhappy.

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