Our Trip to Leavenworth, WA. -The German Town In Washington

If you haven’t been to this incredibly unique and charming town, you’ve gotta go, you will love it! (and I’m not just saying that because I’m German and I love the culture 😉 ) This super cute little town is SO much like being in Southern Germany. I was curious how this town that’s in the middle of no where came to be  –so every shop that we went to I asked the people working there. It’s so fascinating!

The little town (population 700) thrived until The Great Northern Railway pulled out. The new railway route bypassed Leavenworth, causing the timber companies based along Icicle Creek to fail. The town almost became a ghost town until the early 1960’s when town leaders had a meeting about how to improve the town, and they came up with a plan to convert the town’s primary source of income to one based in tourism.

Town leaders and business owners drew up a plan to transform the appearance of Leavenworth to a Bavarian village.

That’s some seriously AMAZING marketing!! That unique marketing strategy is responsible for bringing over 1 million visitors to Leavenworth village every year!

The Leavenworth Festival Calendar began in 1966 with the Autumn Leaf Festival and the Christmas Lighting Festival and expanded in 1998 to include the incredibly popular Oktoberfest. Leavenworth’s Festival Calendar now includes festivities year round.

Here’s some pics and a couple videos of our fun-filled trip:


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