My Trip To Cabo San Lucas

I love to get away to the sun, sand and surf in the cold, rainy months of January & February and this winter I went to visit friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

It was my first time there and I had a such a fantastic time. The weather was great…on average it was 27-30C everyday, which was SO nice coming from only 3C in Vancouver.

My Dachshund puppy came with me and he is now officially a jet-setter! 😉 He loved the sun and the sandy beaches, but did not like the water at all, for at least the first week. After much encouragement and praise he became a swimmer –happy to run in to the water, as long as I was already in.

I did a bunch of scuba diving while I was there and I was surprised by all the marine life I saw.  Many thanks to my AWESOME guide Chalos at “Lands End Diving.” He was so informative, friendly and was happy to take several underwater pics (which was fantastic, especially because my camera was stolen on my last day of my holidays! 🙁 )

You can check out my blog post about my scuba diving HERE

Here’s some pics and videos of my trip…


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