My LED Glow Poi Performances at Pacific Coastal Airlines Fundraiser Event in Bella Bella

When I got a call from Pacific Coastal Airlines to be the performer at their Christmas Fundraiser in Bella Bella, B.C. I was SO excited! My other business is Fire Dancing Girl, where I perform with fire poi, fire fans, LED glow poi, and silk veil fans. I regularly do fire performances all over the Vancouver area, and am always thrilled to get a booking outside of Vancouver… I love to travel! 😀

I had already heard about the cute little town of Bella Bella from a friend of mine who loves to go fishing there –he always talks about how beautiful and peaceful it is there.

They flew both my partner and I up to Port Hardy, from Vancouver, and then we transferred to another small plane to take a 1 hour flight to the VERY remote Bella Bella. It was so beautiful flying over the mountains and ocean 😀

We landed in the tiniest airport, the plane pulling right up to the small building that is the terminal (they have the BEST little coffee shop there called “Aftershocks” and another great thing about the tiny airport is their cute “airport greeting cat” named “Toast.” He was so friendly and loveable!)

Their event takes place at the Shearwater Resort which is on Denny Island (population of only 85 people 😯 )

A 20 minute boat ride from Bella Bella. It was such a gorgeous ride!

Pacific Coastal put us up at the Shearwater Lodge for the weekend and we enjoyed the most delicious meals at the Fishermen’s Bar & Grill

Marcin had the most amazing (and BIGGEST) halibut burger we’d eve seen! Fresh from their front yard 😉 And I had the yummiest seafood pasta I’d eve had! The food there is unreal! I wish they had another location in Vancouver –we’d be eating there every week for sure!

I couldn’t do any fire performances due to the building being made of all wood, so my performances were with my LED Glow Poi. You can check out my website for my fire dancing , fan dancing and LED glow poi dancing business HERE

Thanks Pacific Coastal Airlines and Shearwater Resort for the booking and for showing us your lovely piece of heaven 🙂

Here’s some pics and videos of our little adventure…


Here’s the video of my LED Glow Poi Performance for Pacific Coastal Airlines:

Here’s a few videos of our trip and our flights:


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