My Cooking Class Experience at Miele

I love to cook, but have never taken a cooking class before. So when I saw that Miele Culinary Institute offered a three course seafood meal cooking class, I treated myself to the class as a belated birthday present to myself 🙂
The super talented chef taught a bunch of really useful tricks (like the best way to dice a shallot and the best way to peel a whole garlic bulb) and then he showed us how to make the yummiest bacon and seafood chowder.

Afterwards I made my own hand-made oregano herbed linguine pasta noodles and chocolate linguine pasta noodles! Yes, chocolate…this was the one recipe I was really looking forward to learning!

We also learned to make white wine clam sauce, and saffron cream sauce with basa fillets.

At the end of the 3 hour class all the students sat down in Miele’s beautiful dining room area and feasted on our meals by candle light. My favourite was definitely the hand-made chocolate linguine with fresh berries and hand-made marshmallows that we “roasted” with crème brûlée torches!


I had such a great time and met some really nice, like-minded people too 🙂  I’m definitely taking another cooking class again!

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