Making Decisions Is Important To Your Confidence

Too many people waste WAAAY too much time in confusion, because they don’t make decisions.

And what most people do not relaize is that not being able to make immediate decisions is a reasult of a lack of confidence. The more you TRUST yourself, the more confidence you build and the more you will trust your ability to make decicions.

When you are indecisive and confused, the most awesome and exciting things that life has to offer do NOT happen for you. Every single thing that brings you joy and confidence has happened because you made a decision: starting your first job, moving out on your own, going to school, saying yes to a date, finding your purpose, starting your career, starting your own business, etc.

Indecision, pondering, thinking about it some more, delaying, postponing, worrying, doubting, discussing, going back & forth about which decision to make only seems necessary, but all it does is prevent you from making a decision until you actually make a decision!  🙁

In order to get what you want, first you have to decide what you want. This is where self-awareness is absolutely essential! You must first decide the ‘WHAT’ you want before your brain can figure out the ‘HOW’. Once you know what you want and why you want it, your mind and the Universe will help you get it.

You increase your confidence by taking action and learning more about yourself…what you like, don’t like, what you want to keep doing or stop doing, what you want to move forward in your life.
As soon as you make a decision and get out of hesitation or confusion/“I don’t know”, your insecurity starts to go away. Awesome!

Think about how you feel when you are confused.
Think about how you feel when you’re doubting yourself.
Then think about how you feel when you’re decisive –and when you back yourself up and honour your decision. That’s a whole entirely different way of living your life!

Making decisions, honouring them and then having your own back creates absolute confidence!
The more you create confidence, the more decisions you make, the more decisions you make, the more confident you feel = WOO-HOO! 😀


You’re reading this, that means you need help making confident decisions.

Soooo, (don’t procrastinate!) make the decision to  contact me now for a complimentary Confidence Coaching session! 😀


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