Jessica Alba and Braun Want Women To Encourage Each Other

Hollywood superstar Jessica Alba, 32, is the face of Braun and is backing the initiative to get women to encourage each other in an effort to end judgment against other women.

Jessica Alba is backing the initiative to get women to encourage each other in an effort to conquer their self-doubt. And the star of blockbuster movies The Fantastic Four and Sin City has admitted to her own confidence issues, despite being voted number 1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

Research shows that women experience self-doubt, largely through fear of peer judgement and that it is mutual encouragement from other females that can help them break free to feel their best.

62% of British women said they most valued endorsement from female friends, colleagues and mothers of their children’s friends and 87% of British women admitted they would be more likely to do a good job if they received a positive compliment beforehand.

The research also showed the impact of sharing positive comments publicly – 35% of British women said the most powerful way to be endorsed was for it to be announced in front of other people. And, if the power of encouragement from a girlfriend was ever in doubt, think again – almost one in five British women said a positive compliment could stay with them for life!

The research comes as Braun and Jessica Alba launch the #Breakfree campaign, calling on women worldwide to support and encourage each other in an effort to break free from self-doubt and feel their best.

Jessica Alba, who was recently named as the brand’s new Beauty Ambassador on their new Breakfree campaign said, “I completely relate to feelings of self-doubt and feeling judged but, happily, I also know personally how wonderfully empowering female positive reinforcement is. I’m asking women to say, show and share their support to female friends, family, colleagues – sisters everywhere. Let’s give each other the confidence to break free from self-doubt and all walk that little bit taller. Think of a woman you admire today and tell her!”

Braun’s Global Marketing Director, Alessandra Dolfini, said, “Our campaign is about encouraging women to express positivity towards each other and stop judgment. We are launching this campaign with the hashtag #breakfree. We want to spark a positivity chain whereby women share messages of support with women they admire and respect – let’s start a sisterhood movement that’s too irresistible to stop.”

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