Human Barbie Dolls: Valeria Lukyanova, Heidi Montag, etc.

I was shocked when I just read an article about this 21 year old girl. This is so unbelievable and sad.  😥

She describes herself as the most famous woman on the Russian-language internet. She has clearly spent tons of money on plastic surgery to have doll-like facial features, huge boobs that are disproportionate to her figure, a super tiny unnatural waist and long straight bleach-blonde hair. In most of her photos, she puts on a vacant stare and her skin looks flawless with a waxy finish. Check out before pics of Valeria, I think she was more beautiful when she was natural!  HERE

Is this “Living Dolls” look a new trend? I hope not!
But Lukyanova is not the only one out there.

Remember Heidi Montag from “The Hills” reality TV show on MTV? That was such a tragedy to watch a naturally beautiful and confident girl turn into an artificial person over a few short years. In an interview with PEOPLE magazine the reality star said: “For the past three years, I’ve thought about what to have done, I’m beyond obsessed.” She was only 23 years old when she decided to go under the knife for a second time and have a staggering 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day! She reportedly spent an estimated $30,000 on plastic surgery and a couple years later she was broke despite earning a substantial income from “The Hills” (as high as $65,000 per-episode)

And there is also 15-year-old Venus Palermo (Venus Angelic) and 16-year-old Dakota Rose (Dakotakoti) are two girls who have become Internet sensations because of their “Living Doll” look. They have You Tube channels on how to become doll-like through make-up and fashion. I REALLY hope that girls out there are not feeling more pressure to look unnatural now because of these “Living dolls.” I wish these girls would be more focused on building authentic confidence instead of artificial confidence.

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