How To Stop Feeling Insecure – 5 Useful Tips





No matter what your age, your race or your past experiences, there are a lot of things –both psychological or physical, that can cause you to feel insecure:
• you’re in an unfulfilling relationship or you feel unloved in your relationship
• you’re working your ass off for a boss that doesn’t appreciate your hard work
• you don’t know your strengths and gifts, and you’re not sure what your life’s purpose is
• you’ve gained weight and are not loving your new shape
• you find it difficult to meet new friends that are similar to you and your interests

The list of reasons can go on forever!

Insecurity can cause someone to become disillusioned with life, which can lead to severe depression; and if it’s ignored and not managed, that can cause complications in your emotional well-being, overall health and social life.

Does it seem to you as if some people are “born with confidence”, while other people struggle to build theirs? Is there a way to stop feeling insecure? Yes! To overcome this, you’ve got to learn how to increase your self-esteem and build ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE.

If you are part of the majority of people that are dealing with insecurity challenges, here are a few tips that will help you to build your absolute confidence, which will definitely help you enhance your ability to connect with people, better you relationships, and your social life, making you a better person and feeling more secure in your life and relationships.

Here’s my Top 5 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure

TIP #1First and foremost, STOP focusing on your weaknesses and faults, or the negative aspects of your life (we ALL have ‘em!) and focusing on them will destroy your self-confidence. Stop thinking about your imperfections; the reality is that nobody is perfect.
Start changing your perspective and personal opinions about life. If it seems things are always working against you, try not to focus on the “Why” but on what you can learn about the current situation and how to make the best of it in the future.
Ask yourself this question: “What can I learn from this situation?”

TIP #2 – Learn how to love and respect yourself. Love yourself, and more importantly learn to be in love with yourself. You are ALWAYS going to be the most important person in your life, so you MUST put yourself first! You are a unique human being, and there is no other person on earth that is exactly like you. Once you start embracing that fact, you will start to feel more confident in yourself.

TIP #3 – Eliminate the toxins and surround yourself with supportive people! Don’t waste your precious time on negative people. It doesn’t matter if they are family, long-time friends, an employer, etc. The truth is that if they are not supportive, respectful, or if they are the in the super annoying “complainers or blamers” category, eliminate them  from your life (or at least minimize the amount of time you spend with them) You do NOT have to give your time or energy to people that bring you down or make you feel small. If someone disregards your feelings, is jealous, makes inappropriate remarks, criticises you, doesn’t respect your boundaries, then it’s time to let them go! The universe will being more people into your life that are more like you 🙂

Shift your attention to the kinds of people you DO want in your life. That shift, along with your clear desire to STOP attracting negative people into your life, will set the energy in motion for new people to show up in your life.

TIP #4Start talking to people! In order to build your confidence, you need to start interacting with people. Get out of your comfort zone and stop waiting for the other person to initiate a conversation. Who knows, that other person may also be feeling shy to talk to you! A simple “Hello” can break the ice and soon enough, you will discover that chatting with people, even total strangers is not all at all a daunting a task.

TIP #5Celebrate your achievements. Keep a list of your successes. I suggest this to all of my clients and I make this a regular habit myself. It’s a great way to stop feeling insecure and instead, reflect on your successes. Make this a daily habit and soon you will feel less insecure.


Always remember that you are the only one with the power to stop feeling insecure.

It’s not going to happen quickly, because let’s keep it real –if it was easy EVERYONE would be confident.

If you are ready to create REAL and LASTING positive change in your life and become the confident you, please contact me today.

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