How To Stop Being Intimidated By Other Women

As a female, one of the most uncomfortable feelings is pressure or intimidation by other females. Even as young adults, women tend to flock together in cliques all with different personality traits and physical appearances. We have naturally friendly and empathetic natures, but sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the behavior displayed by others.  Fear of being judged and caring so much about what other people think about us, can cause huge problems like crippling insecurities and social anxiety.

Intimidation is the dirty little secret that A LOT of women struggle with and have a hard time admitting it to others.

The main reason women suffer an unsettling feeling when around other women is because they don’t feel comfortable in their our own skin. We know how often females gossip and talk trash on other people –specifically other females, so our first instinct is to automatically judge our own appearance. Don’t do it!

Oftentimes, when a woman feels like she is being intimidated, in reality SHE is the one giving off the distressing vibes. Most women do not know that they are the ones being threatening with their body language or facial expressions. Our body language makes up more than HALF of our communication! Crazy, right?!?! I have worked with hundreds of clients that struggled with this –they always feel judged, people avoid them, and/or don’t include them in social activities.

The way you carry yourself says a lot, which is why when you are angry, it’s not as likely for a stranger to approach you and talk. Same goes for intimidation. If your energy and body language is communicating an annoyed, irritated or timid state, other women are going to treat you with the same demeanor.

Intimidation is a form of emotional abuse of others. Whether someone is using their wealth, beauty, or authority to get you to do things or just to torment you it can make life very unpleasant. It is unhealthy no matter how you look at it.

Here are my top 5 tips to stop feeling intimidation from other women:

#1) Stop feeling like they have something you do not. If you feel intimidation from other females, physically uncomfortable or feel like you are not liked by other women, you will find that if you work on your social confidence skills and go up to the ladie(s) that make you feel that way, you will likely realize, after talking to them, that it is not that they are intimidating you, but it is you doing the intimidating yourself. Thinking I am not pretty enough, or as successful, and in most cases as liked or popular as them. Work on your confidence instead so that no one can make you feel less of a person.

#2) Stop avoidance behaviors. When you ignore or avoid situations where you become intimidated you are simply reinforcing your fears and limiting beliefs. At the time you might think you are doing the best thing, but in reality you often end up beating yourself up after with more negative self-talk that results in even MORE intimidation the next time! .

#3) Always speak clearly. Don’t mumble, or speak too quietly. That way, those intimidating people will understand what you say, If they try to put you down, stand up straight and let them know they can’t rule your life and they are not any better than you or anyone else.


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One thought on “How To Stop Being Intimidated By Other Women

  1. anon says:

    There is one female manager where I work, where people have described her as been afraid of her own shadow and if she worked on a team with strong personalities she’d be bullied. Sadly I have seen her been bullied. One chap told me to watch how a girl that reported to this manager spoke to her and intimidated her. When I started doing this I began to notice how afraid the manager was of this lady. The lady was a lot bigger and physcially stronger which I think also intimidated the much smaller frail manager. The lady would talk down to her in meetings. Once she was late in for work and contacted one of the guys she worked with and not the manager. The manager just laughed it off when the girl came in, it was a very nervious laugh and you can tell she was scared. Later that evening the manager went for a meeting with that girl.
    Another time I sent an email about a process another department wanted us to carry out, i sent an email to the team. That girl and another said they weren’t doing it by email. The manager was out and I was looking forward to her response, as I felt she was afraid of them both. The next day she emailed to say she’d speak with the dept head, therefore avoiding any confrontation. Another 2 female managers she was afraid of, i remember I had an issue how these teams were doing things and she said we’d monitor it, she didn’t want to go to the team managers, eventually it continued to happen, she then went to other people on each teams and not the managers, to me it was fear. Once i was beside her and we got talking about work and she said that she was tired of unhelpful people. Turns out one female manager wasn’t helping her with a task. I felt sorry for her as i had seen this manager pile work on to this lady and she’d always do it, yet on this occasion she could easiy dismiss her. To see someone suffering such intimidation is shocking. Women have taken advantage of her via intimidation and bullying whereas they should be helping her.

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