How to Project Absolute Confidence

When a confident person enters a business or social situation, they exude and project confidence, therefore they are displaying to other people that they have a feeling of certainty and self-assurance which they are subconsciously projecting and expecting from others in their presence.

We are constantly attracting whatever we are projecting based on our thoughts. The subconscious messages and mannerisms we are projecting to the people around us speak volumes, without us saying a single word. Therefore it is incredibly important that we are very aware of what we are projecting.

The two principles that guide our projection process are:

1) We are always attracting whatever we are projecting.
2) We are always projecting whatever we are thinking.

We attract into our lives anything that we give our attention to, regardless whether it’s positive or negative. So, it is really important that the thoughts you have and whatever words you say are in alignment with the positive results you ideally want to have. If you have negative expectations, that’s what will happen. Don’t talk about what you don’t want because you will just get MORE of that!

Here are 5 ways to project ABSOLUTE confidence:
1) Be authentic – have self-awareness: know who you are, what you like and what you don’t like
2) Know your core values and be in alignment with them
3) Be very aware of  your non-verbal communication (it is 55% of your communication!)
4) Share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with other people
5) Focus on your talents and gifts, not your weakness and faults


If you would like to learn how to project confidence and create positive change in your life and become the confident you, please contact me today.

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