How to Cope With Coronavirus Fears & Anxiety ~ My 8 TIPS!

The past few weeks have been very challenging for people, including several of my clients.

The sudden change in our world with the Coronavirus has forced all of us (seemingly overnight) to think about our safety and our mortality.

“It’s like a closing down of all the busyness of the world… like someone said, “Let’s turn this off for a while. Enforced Stillness” as Eckhart Tolle called it. The quality of your life depends on your thoughts”,  was another recent statement of his that is the epitome of truth.

Many people are really struggling with fears that are surfacing from childhood. For example:  a strong sense of lacking control (which has actually been a going on throughout their entire life, and this pandemic is a MASSIVE TRIGGER bringing it to the surface),  a constant struggle with anxiety & depression, having obsessive thoughts, finding it near impossible to concentrate during the day, not being able to sleep properly, as well as incessant thoughts of death.

Even though most of us are NOT ACTUALLY in danger of losing our lives.

People are so freaked out that they are panic-buying months’ worth of supplies and hoarding them, not being at all concerned about the needs of others! WTF?!? That is SOOOO disturbing! :O

Let’s hoard positive vibes NOT toilet paper!! 😀

If you are someone that tends to focus on the negatives, this is a very challenging time. I get it! But I can also help you with the dis-ease you are feeling.

Absolute Confidence is a STATE of MIND and you can learn how to manage your mind.

Acknowledge the fear you are feeling, and the anxiety and worry, and know that these are TEMPORARY feelings that will pass. The quicker you can learn how to manage your mind, the better you will feel. 🙂

Make a deliberate effort to work on your mindset , especially if you find yourself being overly future focused, and fearing the unknown.

Instead of focusing on all the negativity, and being fearful, we can choose to make the best of what’s happening and take steps to make ourselves feel better.

Here’s my 8 Tips to help you feel better as we are going through the Cornanvirus pandemic:

1) Limit how much news and social media you’re consuming.
Listening to and watching coverage that repeatedly emphasizes on all these constant negative topics (the rapid spread of Coronavirus, lack of treatment and talk of a global recession, etc.) is definitely going to create tons more fear, anxiety and worry! (BTW~I haven’t owned a TV for a over a decade!) YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WATCHING THE NEWS!! Seriously….It’s so toxic!
And I rarely use social media because I want to ensure that I MANAGE & FILTER the negativity that enters my mind and that will affect my Precious Energy.

2) Be in the present moment. The most precious time we have is the NOW. Practice focusing your attention on what’s right in front of you, not what happened yesterday, or what you saw or heard on the news today, or what *might * happen tomorrow. Immerse yourself in the things you are doing (learning something new, cleaning out your closet, organizing your home, cooking meals, washing dishes, play time, etc.) Really be present while doing these things and focus on exactly what’s going on at that time while you’re doing them.

3) Recognize that the majority of your negative, scary thoughts are not serving you and they are not truth because most of us are not in danger of losing our lives. We are healthy, we live in a part of the world where we have access to plenty of resources, and our loved ones are OK.

4) Ask yourself:
How can I think differently (more positively) to manage the uneasiness, anxiety and to make things feel less overwhelming?

5) Be grateful for at least 5 things that are going well in your life AND in the world right now.

6) Stay active! Be sure to get some form of exercise every single day. You do not need to go to the gym, but you do need to make sure that you you keep your body and it’s immune system strong. I do yoga everyday! I LOVE IT, and it’s extremely helpful in calming your mind. And you will learn how to breath effectively and ground yourself while you’re toning your body! Yay 😀 Theres TONS of great instructors online, check out YouTube, one of my faves is Boho Beautiful 
Also, find some meditation videos that resonate with you. Just doing this step alone, and practising every single day and you WILL FEEL BETTER…I PROMISE!! 😀

7) Imagine that you’re 80 years old, sitting comfortably in a beautiful spot. You’re reminiscing about the awesome life you lived.

What was the one thing you experienced or accomplished that made your life so awesome?

For your life to have been so awesome, what else do you wish you’d said or done?

Write out your answers, then make a list of things you can do to make all those awesome things happen.

8) Use this time to learn new things –a new language, or a new skill, take online classes. ~~GREAT NEWS!!! I am in the process of creating the Absolute Confidence Online Course! Stay tuned!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Are you struggling with fear, anxiety and worry about the Cornanvirus?

Are asking yourself: How do I deal with my thoughts or negativity about the Coronavirus?

How do I overcome anxiety, scary and obsessive thoughts?

Please contact me now  for a COMPLIMENTARY session!  I CAN HELP YOU!

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