How to Build Self-Confidence – 3 Simple Steps

You know you are lacking it, confidence can feel like the Holy Grail, but really –how can you go from none to some? 

Self-confidence is not an overnight acquisition, its takes some time and effort on your part to realize you’re a person who deserves respect and love. From that, you can start to build your ‘absolute confidence’ but below are a few tips to get you started feeling and being a more confident you.




1 – You are not perfect and never will be – what a weird way to start a confidence strategy right? No, it’s the ideal way because when we acknowledge our imperfections we stop striving for the unreachable and start to like ourselves, and accept ourselves with our weaknesses and faults just a little more. Perfection does NOT exist, and trying to strive for that is impossible! Even THE most confident person you know has their own insecurities, it’s true.

2 – Build on your successes – everyone is good at some things, that includes you too! So take some time to think about the things that you are good at. Take some pride in that and give yourself some credit for what you have achieved. You can do what other people cannot and that makes you special.

3 – Have an attitude of gratitude and start to adopt the “glass is half full” approach to life. Think, what are you grateful for right now? Family, partner, health, friends, clean water, a roof over your head, having a job, being able to smile, being able to say what you want to, even if sometimes you don’t.

Ask my clients and they’ll tell you I am ALL about the lists! Write a list!

  • about everything you are fortunate enough to have in your life
  • think about each thing and how it has benefited you (the good AND the bad!)
  • recognise the fortune you have and that will make you happier.

Happiness breeds confidence, the two are naturally connected. The more confident you become the happier you will be too! 🙂




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