How to Be A Gracious Receiver

Are you a good receiver?

Most of us were taught to be good givers, but not taught to be good receivers.

“It is better to give than to receive.” Sound familiar?

Although giving is good, receiving is also good! Besides, if all of us just gave, who would receive? Someone has to do it! Receiving is an equally important part of the giving process. It keeps the giving cycle going. If all you do is give, you never complete the cycle, and as a result you cut yourself right out of the process.

For those of you that are people-pleasers, the idea is probably making you feel really uncomfortable right now. I want you to keep in mind that being a gracious receiver is a gift you give the giver. Appreciating what you receive is a wonderful gift to give anyone who does something kind for you. Enjoying what you receive is an expression of gratitude. Here’s where what I call the “Ick Factor” comes into play for a lot of women. When someone compliments you, do you look at them and reply: “Thank you!” or do you respond back by saying a compliment to them or even worse, downplay the compliment they just gave you?

By being open to receive, you actually create an abundance cycle that allows you to receive even more. Think of clinched fists. If you go through life with clenched fists, you can’t grasp or hold on to anything new that comes your way. However, if your hands are open, you are able to receive whatever is presented to you. You’re opening yourself to the abundance of the universe.

Here’s a few tips for you to become a more gracious receiver:

1) Eliminate your limiting beliefs

If you lack self-worth and have limiting beliefs about receiving it can be difficult for you to receive. Let others do kind things for you, you do deserve it!

It IS a myth that if you get more, someone else gets less. There is more than enough in the universe to go around. And you do deserve all the wonderful things you receive in life.

2) Learn to say, “Thank you.”

Never, ever say, “Oh! You shouldn’t have.”  It makes the giver feel as if they shouldn’t have bothered giving you a gift and it gives the impression that you don’t appreciate the gift.

It makes the giver feel great to give gifts. How do you feel when you give to others? Good, right?  You will find that you enjoy receiving more when you just accept it with gratitude.

3) Stay open to receiving

The next time someone offers to do you a favour or pay for lunch or help you out in some way, let them. The more open you are the more that will come to you. As you become a better receiver, you will naturally become a better giver. Stay open and grateful to receiving and your gratitude will bring more gifts to you.


Remember, a giver must have a receiver.

Start letting others give to you and be happy and grateful when accepting their gifts 🙂



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