Self-Worth: How can I develop my self-worth?

In today’s world, women are often victims of critical judgment, media pressure and bullying. The question that many women ask is, how can I develop self worth? The answer to that question is altogether simple and complicated.

Many people associate the word “worth” with money. Self-worth is NOT about how much you are worth in dollar figures. Self-worth is believing that you are a worthy individual because of who you are, not because of how much money you have in the bank, the things you own, your job, your abilities, etc.

If someone earns more money than you or has a nicer car or home, that does not mean that they are worth more than you. If you do not have the same things as others, it does NOT make you worth less.

For example, self improvement is a multi-billion dollar industry with everyone from fitness gurus to life coaches touting its importance. However, self worth isn’t something that can be bought. It has to come from within.

Self-worth is the sense of your own value, deservingness or usefulness as a person. It’is about how much you feel you deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

If you are unaware of your worth and the value you bring to the world you will inadvertently diminish your worthiness. People that are constantly comparing themselves to others, or are “people-pleasers”, or use self-deprecating humour, put themselves down, do not accept compliments, and have self-sabotaging behaviours are displaying their lack of self-worth. That is no way to live!

When you know and live your worth, you live your life on your terms, not for anyone else. You set the bar and the example for how others will value you by how you value and honor yourself. If you treat yourself as though you are not important or you don’t deserve what you want, then you are teaching others to treat you the same way.

Many of my clients ask me: “How can I develop my self-worth?”

I teach many different techniques, and I will share a couple with you…

1) Develop your self-worth by contributing or accomplishing something that benefits yourself, others, or both. It doesn’t matter what it is or how significant you or other people think it is. The contributions must make you feel like you have made a difference. When you take action that you think is useful and worthy, and in a way that is feels rewarding for you, your self-worth will increase.

2) Self-worth also comes when you take pride in yourself and your behavior, feel good about yourself, your successes, and accomplishments and feel ready and deserving of more. When you feel worthy of the things you wish you had, you will be more readily available to receive them.

Remember this –Only YOU can determine your worth! No one else does it for you.

Be sure that you do not base your self-worth on the opinions and approval of other people. When people try to build their confidence from the opinions of others, it is very destructive and only creates an artificial sense of worthiness. They are giving away their power and are only building up their ego, not their self-worth.

YOU have to make YOUR OWN actions count. Don’t wait for other people to make you feel worthy!

You ARE worthy and I will teach you why you are worthy and I will teach you how to develop your self-worth! 

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