Goal setting and goal achieving to build confidence

“It’s more important to know where you’re going than to get there quickly.” -Mable Newcomer

I’m really big on goal setting. Goal setting and achieving, in conjunction with taking action, is essential to developing ‘absolute confidence.’

Goal achievement equals success, and success builds confidence. A couple of months ago, I set a goal for myself…I wanted to run in a marathon. When I learned about The 8 KM Diva Run for arthritis, myself and a few girl friends of mine signed up. Before I knew it, the date quickly approached and this past Sunday we were at Jericho Beach alongside 150 other women braving the cold and the rain. My goal was to complete the marathon without stopping to walk, and to do it under 60 minutes. And I did! I made it across the finish line at 51:10 minutes!

Diva on the Run 8KM marathon
Diva on the Run 8KM marathon

Goals give you a sense of meaning and purpose in your life! Setting goals for yourself gives you clarity on what you ultimately want in your life, and are a motivation to get you there much faster.

Do your days seem to blend into each other? Many people operate on autopilot for much of their day.

What you are doing everyday is contributing to the achievement of your goals. The actions (or lack of) you take in your life will give you your results. When was the last time you set goals for yourself? It can be difficult at first, but don’t let that stop you.

Here are some tips to help you set your goals:

1) Make them specific
2) Make them measurable
3) Make them realistic
4) Give them a deadline

If you need any help setting and achieving your goals, I can help you –contact me anytime!

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