Fun at the Indoor Shooting Range

It’s been a while since I had some fun at a shooting range. Several years ago was the first time, when one of my best buddies became a cop, he invited me to an outdoor range to try it. And I loved it, and was surprised to learn that I had really great aim! But now my buddy is married with a child, so he’s a busy guy and doesn’t go out to the range anymore.

So when a new friend of mine asked me if I would want to go to an indoor shooting range with him, I was so excited and said: “Hell yeah! Can we go now?!!”


He owns a 9mm hand gun and has a membership which was great because it was really busy there, lots of people waiting in the waiting area. But fortunately, when you have a membership and your own gun, there’s no wait. 🙂

Since I am a novice I had to sign a waiver, and then we threw on our ear protection, and safety goggles and off we went into the range.

If you haven’t target shooting before I totally recommend it. A great way to feel really empowered!


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