The way that we chose to live our lives is totally up to us. No one else, except you, can create the life you want to live.

Have you noticed that some people have such fulfilling lives and other people’s lives seem so empty?

Why is it that some people always have excitement and opportunities in their lives and other people are negative and unhappy, and just let life pass them by?

The people who live fulfilling and happy lives, are the people that are aware of the fact that you CAN live the life you dream of. Most people live a life by default rather than by design. They will settle for their current unhappy state and sit back and wait to see what life has to offer, instead of clarifying exactly what they want, setting goals, taking the necessary steps and having the confidence in themselves to achieve their goals.

We all have them…the things we in life we “wish” we could have. The things we dream of.

As children, we are encouraged to dream…  wish upon a star, make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles, dream of all that you want to become when you grow up.

But why is it that as adult we are not encouraged to dream? I am a firm believer in being a dreamer AND believing that our dreams CAN come true. We have the ability to make those dreams our reality.

I just came back from my holidays in Kona, Hawaii. I had such an amazing time! The best part of my whole trip was the fact that my life-long dream came true. I got to swim in the ocean with wild dolphins -200 of them! It was beyond amazing. I’ve loved dolphins since I was a baby. I even have dolphins tattooed on my back. I stayed at the Hilton Hotel, where they have captive dolphins in a small ocean fed pool. I was mortified when I learned that they had 14 dolphins there. It broke my heart.

So, my friend and I found a lady that takes people out on a chartered boat tour to experience the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. In my mind, for several years, I had a very clear picture of how the experience was going to go. And it turned out to be ever better than I dreamed it would be!

This is only one example of MANY that I could write about. Since I moved to Vancouver in 2001, and realized the power of manifesting my own destiny, I made a massive shift in the way I was living my life. I began to realize that the things I dreamed about happening could actually happen. I learned this on my own long before “The Secret” became popular.

And for the past five years, I have been collecting pictures of things that I dreamed of having in my life. And then I started making dream boards.

It is very powerful to see the images one by one, becoming a reality.

Everything from starting my business as a Confidence Coach, to learning to fire dance to, to joining a volleyball league, to the vacations with beautiful beaches, and palm trees with a hammock, to getting the strength back in my knee and running again.

It’s is so powerful! And you too can start to live the life that you dream of.

You deserve the life of your dreams! It will take clarity, confidence and commitment, but it is SO worth it –trust me!

So empower yourself, and create the life you dream of now!

Tips for living your dreams:

Discover your dream life by quickly answering the following questions honestly.

*The first thing that comes to your mind is usually the correct answer.

What would you do with your life if…

1. You won a million dollars?

You lost your present job?

3. You could travel anywhere?

4. “See” the dream taking place in your mind. Visualization is extremely powerful.

5. “Feel” the way you’ll feel when you are living your dream. The stronger the emotions, the better.

By Suzanne Fetting


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)


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