Confidence Quiz

This confidence quiz will give you some insight into your current level of confidence. Read each statement and circle A if it is true for you most of the time; B if it is true for you some of the time; and C if it is not usually true.

I have a realistic sense of my strengths and weaknesses.    A      B       C

I am willing to take risks for something I believe in.               A       B       C

I plan and prepare for new experiences.                                 A       B       C

I have ways to cope with fear and doubt.                                 A       B       C

I take time to remember my past successes.                          A       B       C

I recognize failure as a part of life.                                            A       B       C

I can cope with unexpected changes.                                      A       B       C

I am comfortable asking for help and support.                        A       B       C

I know what I value in life.                                                          A       B       C

My actions generally line up with my values.                           A       B       C

I don’t give up easily.                                                                  A       B       C

I realize not everyone will like or approve of me.                    A       B       C

I have a sense of my inherent worth.                                         A       B       C

I understand setbacks are normal and to be expected.           A       B       C

I don’t beat up on myself when I go through a rough time.      A       B       C

My thoughts don’t paralyze me when I try something new.      A       B       C

Here’s how to interpret your score:

  • Mostly A’s: Your confidence is on solid ground. You’re doing a great job of not allowing obstacles to get in your way of meeting valued goals
  • Mostly B’s: You’re right in the middle, sometimes recognizing your accomplishments and other times, focusing on where you’re falling short. Your answers indicate you may fall prey to common pitfalls that undermine self-confidence.  
  • Mostly C’s: Your self-confidence is a little shaky, but that’s OK.  Remember, there is no one with “total” self-confidence all of the time. You may need to ease up on yourself, notice your accomplishments, and find ways to handle setbacks. 

Courtesy of Psychology Today